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Sixteen Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Charleston

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  1. Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality in Charleston. Years ago, sea captains would announce their arrival and invite people into their homes to hear their story by sticking a pineapple prominently outside their homes.
  2. All of American theatre history began in Charleston at the Dock Street Theatre, which is also the very first theatre built in the country.
  3. The first flag considered to be an American flag contains no red. The Moultrie flag, flown at the battle on Sullivan’s Island, is navy blue with a white crescent emblazoned with the word “Liberty.”
  4. The College of Charleston is the oldest city-sponsored college in the country. And is also the 13th oldest college in the country. Three of its founders helped found our country (Edward Rutledge, Arthur Middleton, and Thomas Heyward).
  5. The show “Army Wives” had an actual fake town constructed in North Charleston for filming purposes.
  6. Charleston likes to call itself the “Holy City” thanks to the crazy number of steeples making up most of the skyline.
  7. Not only is it the most expensive structure in Charleston (at nearly $700,000,000), but The Arthur J. Ravenel bridge is the longest cable-sustained bridge in the country (at precisely 1,546 feet).
  8. The first time the game of golf was played in America was played in Charleston.
  9. Charleston has been a victim of nearly every natural disaster: Hurricane Hugo, the earthquake in 1886, the decade of fire at the turn of the century, the catastrophic flooding in 2015, and a tornado in 1938.
  10. All of the homes in Charleston have verandahs that face either south or west because it is the direction of prevailing wind, and we all know what life would be like without AC in the summer.
  11. The official craft of the state and one that Charleston is known for is the art of sweetgrass basket weaving.
  12. Travel & Leisure named Charleston the Friendliest City in America in 2011 and Conde Nast Traveler has given Charleston the same honor for many years.
  13. It wasn’t always Charles-TON. It was originally Charles Towne, named for King Charles II, but in 1783 they dropped the ‘w’ and the ‘e.’
  14. Charleston is located exactly halfway down the South Carolina coast.
  15. The very first museum instituted was The Charleston Museum in 1773.
  16. When the British first saw what would now be Charleston, a mess of white oysters was seen where the Battery now is, hence the name White Point.

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