Walks of Charleston

Walking Historic and Ghost Tours of Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Charolina’s oldest city, has long been known for its stunningly well-preserved architecture, rich history, vibrant culture and the breathtaking location right on Charleston Harbor — not to mention the deeply rooted stories of ghosts and legends that date back as far as the city’s 1670 birth. What better way is there to witness all this city has to offer than a historic walking tour?

All of our tour guides at Walks of Charleston are not only licensed, but are extremely passionate about the past and experienced in storytelling that makes the lore ripe in your imagination, making them one of the best sources you can find in the city for some history, and the best in the city for a guided walking tour of the”low country” that many call the Holy City.

For those interested in a small group tour, we are now offering a Charleston’s Alleys & Hidden Passages Tour from our sister company, Lowcountry Walking Tours!

Come take a walk with us today and let us bring Charleston’s fascinating history to life for you!

  • Charleston History Walking Tour

    Discover the essentials of historic Charleston on this approximately 2 hour walking tour, a wonderful introduction that begins just outside City Hall, one of the pillars of the Four Corners of Law, continues through the heart of the Old Walled City, passing St Michael's Church, Rainbow Row and the Hayward Washington House, and down to the tip of the peninsula at White Point Gardens, also known as the “Battery.”
  • This Holy City Walking Tour

    Charleston is home to some of the oldest Christian and Jewish congregations in the country. Join your guide, Evans Byrd as you explore the different faiths and their historic houses of worship, from the oldest Baptist Church in the nation founded in 1682, to the Congregation Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim, home of the oldest continuous Jewish congregation in America.
  • Off the Beaten Path Charleston

    Are you ready to experience the beauty and fascinating history of Charleston with a native whose passion for his hometown will take you beyond the most well-known historical sites in Charleston?
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