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Charleston Budget Hotels: Cheap Hotels in Charleston SC That Don’t Feel Cheap


Visitors flock to Charleston for its history, charming architecture — and old money. And though Charleston hotel prices have steadily risen over the past five years, thanks to increased tourism and some of our cheapest hotels closing their doors, there are still some deals available if you want to stay in the Holy City without breaking your budget.

Luckily, we have a few tips that will help you find lodging that fits any budget. Our list of cheap hotels in Charleston, SC, that don’t feel cheap will save more of your budget for what matters: food.


Where to Find Budget Lodging in Charleston

Like anywhere else in the world, you’ll find the prices for hotels rise the closer you get to Downtown. If you’re a little more flexible to stay further away, you’ll get a better deal.


Yet just because you’re planning on staying in one of Charleston’s many neighborhoods outside of Downtown, doesn’t mean you’ll feel far away. Charleston is surrounded by water and bridges. There are plenty of ferries and other forms of transportation to get you to where you want to go.


If you’re planning on spending time out at Patriots Point, you might want to book a hotel in nearby Mt. Pleasant or Shem’s Creek — both these areas offer hotels for any budget. Many visitors plan on making a day trip to these areas anyway; why not stay nearby and save some cash?


Should you want to explore Mt. Pleasant or Shem’s Creek further, we can arrange a private walking tour of these areas, catered toward your preferences.


For those visitors who plan on renting a car, these areas are ideal. You can drive to the ferry or simply drive into Downtown Charleston.


Tips for Getting the Best Hotel Rate

Steering clear of Downtown isn’t the only way to secure a great hotel rate and find cheap hotels in Charleston that don’t feel cheap. There are plenty of factors that could influence the price you see on the website. Some of these include:


  • Time of year
  • Booking site
  • Seasonal discounts
  • Festivals and conferences


Other than the hotel’s location, the time you’re heading to Charleston will most likely affect your hotel rate. Peak tourist season starts in spring and ends in late summer. By the time the kids go back to school, rates begin to drop again. Visit during the holidays for some of the best lights in the U.S.


One other peak time? Valentine’s Day. If you’re planning on heading here for romance, you might want to book early.


You should always check hotel prices online — but don’t book online. Many hotels pay third-party sites big fees when guests book online. Call the hotel and ask if you can get the same rate directly from the hotel. Sometimes they’ll even throw in an upgrade to thank you for calling them before booking online.


Always check the hotel’s website to see if they’re offering any packages. Hotels often offer discounts for slower seasons and sometimes also offer free meals for kids.


If a hotel’s rates seem abnormally high for a slow season, call to see if they’re hosting a conference for those dates. Conferences tend to take over hotels, and you don’t want to find yourself awake at 2 a.m., trying to drown out late-night party noises.


Cheap Hotels in Charleston That Don’t Feel Cheap: Charleston Hotels Under $100/Night

Charleston doesn’t have a huge assortment of hotels under $100 a night, but there are some great options. Some of them are even located right in Downtown Charleston.


Not So Hostel – rates start at $35/night

If you’re feeling adventurous, stay at the Not So Hostel. A bed in a dorm room starts at $35 a night. If you’re feeling weird about staying in a dorm, head here in November, there are very few guests this time of year, and you might even get an entire dorm to yourself.


Comfort Inn Historic District – rates starting at $86

If you’re traveling with children, you might not want to stay at a hostel. The Comfort Inn in the Historic District is close enough to all the attractions — and rooms start at only $86 a night. The rooms are clean and simple. There’s a pool, and it’s within walking distance of all the Downtown attractions.

This is where we recommend staying if you want to be within walking distance of any of our public walking tours. It’s less than a 15-minute walk from many of the highlights on our popular Charleston History Tour.


Charleston Hotels Under $150/Night

If you have a little bit more to spend, these hotels offer tons of charm and are all located right in Downtown Charleston.


Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina – rates starting at $107

(our budget recommendation)

Located at Patriots Point, this resort is only a few minutes ferry ride from Downtown Charleston. The rooms are decorated with classic Lowcountry charm. You’ll enjoy great views here. The rooftop bar is considered one of the best in the city.


Holiday Inn Historic Express – rates start at $139

Another great choice Downtown is the Holiday Inn Express. Similar to the experience at the Comfort Inn, the rooms are simple and clean. There’s a beautiful pool on the property, so try to book here if you’re planning on visiting in the summer months.


Shem Creek Inn – rates start at $149

Across the Ravenel Bridge is Shem Creek. This quiet enclave is great for those needing a little vacation from the city. There’s plenty of great restaurants out here, and it’s not far from the beach and Patriots Point. The Shem Creek Inn looks like a vintage motor lodge. The rooms are pretty basic, but the pool is fantastic.


Charleston Hotels Under $200/Night

Charleston hotel prices are rising, which is why these hotels are still considered a “good” budget price, compared to most others.


Frances Marion Hotel – rates start at $179

This three-star hotel offers plenty of southern charm. The rooms are decorated like the inside of plantation houses. The lobby is gorgeous, and you can’t beat the King Street Location.

If you’re planning on taking our popular Hidden Alleyways of Charleston tour, we recommend staying here.


Andrew Pickney Inn – rates starting at $164

The Andrew Pickney Inn is another great option for those who want a little extra southern charm. While the hotel doesn’t boast a pool, it’s possibly one of the cutest on the list. Each room features charming décor, and there’s even a café with great views of the city.


Fulton Lane Inn – rates starting at $199

The Fulton Lane Inn also offers plenty of charm, four-poster beds, and intricately decorated rooms. They’re located right near the Historic Charleston Market. Not only does this property offer free breakfast, but it also hosts a cheese and wine reception each night.


What are your favorite cheap hotels in Charleston that don’t feel cheap?








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