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Charleston Healthy Eating Guide


We get it: it’s challenging to eat healthy while traveling. Which is why we’ve put a list together of healthy options while you’re in town. Just because you are on-the-go doesn’t mean you have to compromise. Our Charleston Healthy Eating Guide includes culinary recommendations for eating well and feeling good while on your adventures in the South.

Tips for Eating Healthy in Charleston

When it comes to eating healthy in the land of grits and fried chicken, the struggle is real. You don’t want to throw your healthy habits out with the baby and the bathwater, but come on — you’re in Charleston! Home of frogmore stew and she-crab soup. Our healthy eating tips will help you with your health goals while still indulging in iconic Charleston foods each day.

  • Don’t skip breakfast; it is the most important meal of the day!
  • Make sure to include proteins at breakfasts (e.g. eggs) 
  • Buy snacks at healthy grocery stores including fruits and vegetables
  • Shop local versus chains — they often have healthier options that are less processed
  • Avoid packaged items 
  • Start meals with greens
  • Get a side of veggies
  • Stay hydrated and pack a water bottle to ensure you drink eight ounces of water a day
  • Reach for spice over salt 
  • Surrender to some cravings but remember “everything in moderation”

Charleston Healthy Eating Guide Stop #1: Beech

If you need a little sustenance in a hurry, head to Beech, a counter-service fast-casual restaurant, specializing in salads, poke bowls and smoothies.

Though Beech is open until 8 p.m. most evenings, we recommend stopping by in the morning. In addition to blended drinks, they also serve some of the best coffee in the city. 

Charleston Healthy Eating Guide Stop #2: Blend Juice Bar

While you’re on vacation you can also give your digestive track a mini-vacation from food with a juice cleanse. Blend Juice Bar whips up tasty smoothies and makes homemade bites in-store!

These guys believe in intermittent fasting, healthy eating, sweating every day and enjoying the precious time on this round rock we call Earth. They also believe digestion is a key ingredient to overall health. We love their reusable containers too!

Charleston Healthy Eating Guide Stop #3: Butcher & Bee

Fresh from local farmers, Butcher & Bee partners with local farms, fishermen and ranchers to bring fresh, handpicked flavors to every dish. These guys specialize in honest-to-goodness eats in Charleston. 

This is your good-vibe go-to sandwich joint, equipped to get you all of your proteins and veggies. We recommend sharing with all the options — especially since their slogan is “meant for sharing.”

Charleston Healthy Eating Guide Stop #4: Caviar & Bananas

A gourmet market and café, Caviar & Bananas was founded in 2008 in downtown Charleston. C&B states that it, “Prides itself on its ‘from scratch’ motto, using only the freshest ingredients that you can feel good about.” Stop in any day for breakfast, lunch and dinner — or on the weekend for brunch.

Charleston Healthy Eating Guide Stop #5: Dellz Uptown

Your go-to vegetarian and vegan choice is Dellz Uptown. It’s cozy, inviting and always gets stellar reviews on Yelp. Don’t miss the Snobby Nachos, which regulars always rave about.

Charleston Healthy Eating Guide Stop #6: The Gathering Cafe

“Healthy food for a healthy community.” Make sure to check out The Gathering Cafe for comfort food with a healthy touch in the Orange Grove Plaza in West Ashley. An affordable option with all fresh and local ingredients. Dishes are inspired by fresh in-season and organic produce.

Build your own plate with endless possibilities with their ‘Be the Artist’ menu. The Gathering Cafe also has wonderful vegetarian and vegan options to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Charleston Healthy Eating Guide Stop #7: Gnome Cafe

This joint is a sun-filled café that’s known for breakfast and lunch, located in downtown Charleston. Combining creative ingredients and bold flavors, you’ll find everything here from decadent desserts to hearty sandwiches to healthy salads. 

Plants are at the heart of what they do. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or curious carnivore, their goal is to show you just how satisfying plant-based cuisine can be. They appeal to both old and new vegans, and they encourage exploring new dishes and praise the benefits of a vegan diet. 

Gnome Cafe also has some of the best coffee in town (with help from their friends at Stumptown), allowing for high quality, socially-responsible beverages.

Charleston Healthy Eating Guide Stop #8: Huriyali

Fresh. Local. Goodness. These healthy bowls have never looked so good!

Huriyali lives by “your body is your temple” and they want to make healthy choices simple and accessible by increasing happiness, healthfulness and performance of its customers.

They primarily use local-sourced veggies, fruits and herbs. 

Need a pick me up in your adventurous itinerary? Treat your body to a delicious, nutritious, good-for-you serving of freshly-made, locally-sourced, cold-pressed juice. 

Charleston Healthy Eating Guide Stop #9: Playa Bowls Charleston

This is the spot for hearty and healthy smoothies and bowls packed with superfoods. These predominantly plant-based and high-performing bowls will re-energize you and prepare you for a day of sightseeing and tours

You’ll love the cool surfer beach vibe and the veggie-forward menu. Playa Bowls was started by founders who are committed to leading communities in healthy and sustainable living. Even their plastic is plant-based by Ingeo, reducing your carbon footprint.

Charleston Healthy Eating Guide Stop #10: Verde

Verde is another locally-owned, operated and staffed healthy spot. Green is not just their name, they go green by serving fresh salads in compostable containers, recycling everything they can and use bicycles to make deliveries when possible. They also source as many local ingredients as possible to help us further reduce our carbon footprint.   

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