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How to Prepare for your Trip to Charleston (Intro)

by Amy Tankersley

I’ve seen many tourists make mistakes that put a damper on their vacation. In fact, I know that I will see them continue to make these same mistakes for years to come.  But you don’t have to. Avoid these pitfalls by taking my advice. After all, you will invest much time, money, and planning on your vacation.  It benefits me also. I’ve had people show up for my walking or carriage tours already tense and stressed over something that happened before they got to me. I’m usually successful in shaking them out of their mood with my sunny, silly personality. I actually do want to convince them that Charleston is The Greatest City In The World, (TGCITW), because then they’ll come back again, and I’ll be able to keep giving tours and making money for the things I enjoy — giving tours, clothing, shoes, hats, ice cream, reading, gardening, cats, and Charleston.  Also, I won’t have to work as hard if they show up already in a good mood. We will all benefit together, it’s a “win-win” on all sides.

It’s a lengthy piece, so I will divide it into several posts, but I will give you a preview now, so you can wait with baited breath, sitting on the edge of your seats, until the next post comes out.

  1. Do Your Homework
  2. “Go Zen”
  3. “Breaking up is hard to do”

I’ll start on all this next time, but since Thanksgiving is coming up, I want to encourage you to come here at that time. November is usually our most gorgeous autumn weather. (Even October can still be a little hot-n-sticky). Camellias and Cassia are starting to bloom- we have things blooming all year, but different things at different times. Several Restaurants do a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner, with other options in addition to turkey. I always host family from Atlanta, and yet I want to do a Thanksgiving Day Walking Tour, partly to get away from them for a couple hours, and also to take my brother-in-law along, because he’s a history freak like myself. Our carriage tours will be running too, so do our walk-carriage combo. See Y’all. Amy

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