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9 Romantic Charleston Activities


Charleston is one of the most romantic cities in the U.S. While we’re probably biased, CNN is not. In fact, they named Charleston one of the most romantic places to visit. Headed here with your significant other? These nine romantic Charleston activities will get you and your special someone even closer. 


Romantic Charleston Activities

Romantic Dinner

What’s more romantic than dinner in one of Charleston’s coziest restaurants? Charleston is one of the most romantic cities in the U.S. — and we partially have our restaurants to thank for that. Some of our favorite spots to dine on date night include:



Couple’s Massage

If you’re the type of couple who’d rather bliss out than work out, we recommend a couple’s massage. 

Several high-end hotels in the city offer Valentine’s Day packages for lovebirds. Yet, we happen to think the Spa at the Wentworth Mansion is one of the most romantic settings for this romantic Charleston activity. 


Horse and Carriage Ride

Horse and carriage rides have long been a tradition in the Holy City. They’re the perfect way to see our iconic palm trees and cobblestone streets. While we happen to think that a horse and carriage ride is perfect just about any time of year, we happen to love this activity when we want a little extra romance in the air.

The Carolina Polo and Carriage Tour Company offers both daytime and nighttime private tours of the city. (Though, we happen to think nighttime tours add even more romance to the experience). 

Cozy up underneath a blanket while your guide tells you the story of Charleston’s history. Not into too much talking? Your guide can just leave you and your sweetie alone to canoodle in the moonlight. 


Walking Tour or Food Tour

Many couples opt for a cooking class to celebrate their romance. While we love romantic group activities, we happen to think that you shouldn’t need to serve your own supper when you’re serving up some romance!

Instead, why not take a walking tour or food tour of Charleston’s most scenic streets?

The best news is that when you book both a walking tour and a food tour, you’ll get a discount! You can take your savings and splurge on a dessert for two. 


Boat Ride

Sail around Charleston’s picturesque harbor with your special someone. We have plenty of ways to get out on the water here — from chartering private yachts to sailing on the local ferries.

Some of our favorite boat rides in Charleston include:


  • Charleston Harbor Tours
  • Coastal Expeditions
  • Schooner Pride 


Charleston Harbor Tours

If you bring the romance with you wherever you go, get out on the water with Charleston Harbor Tours. This 90-minute tour takes you all over the harbor and offers views of the city’s most iconic structures. This tour is also budget-friendly. 


Kayak Tours and Rentals 

On warm days, you can rent a kayak for two and paddle around Shem Creek or Isle of Palms with Coastal Expeditions. Take a tour or just rent a boat for a more intimate experience.


Schooner Pride

Schooner Pride is probably the most romantic option on our list! Sail around the harbor at sunset on a schooner. While you’ll be sharing the boat with other couples, the experience is still intimate as the company limits the number of passengers.


Angel Oak

a close up of a tree

The Angel Oak is one of the most romantic and picturesque spots in Charleston. This tree stands over 60-feet tall with spindly branches that reach toward the ground. Located on John’s Island, experts believe the tree is around 500 years old.

We recommend heading here early in the morning — before the other tourists get here. Bring a picnic breakfast or just two cups of coffee to spend some time quietly contemplating the beauty of nature (and your love, of course).

Just remember to take with you everything you bring to the Angel Oak (specifically those empty coffee cups!).


Bike the Ravenel Bridge

a bridge over a body of water

If you and your soulmate are more of the outdoorsy types, why not celebrate your love with a bike ride over the Ravenel Bridge? You can rent bikes from most bike tour companies or rent bikes by the hour with Holy Spokes


The Ravenel Bridge is one of Charleston’s iconic structures. This sprawling white structure was built in 2001 and spans 2.5 miles across the Cooper River. It takes about 50 minutes to walk across the bridge (and that’s only one way!). Biking the bridge takes about 40 minutes roundtrip. When you reach the other side, you’ll be in Mt. Pleasant, one of the most charming neighborhoods in Charleston.


Drink Wine

What is it about wine that’s just so romantic? Charleston is home to one vineyard and plenty of wine bars! 

If you have a car, we recommend driving out to Deep Water Vineyard on Wadmalaw Island. 

Don’t have wheels? You can head to one of Downtown Charleston’s swanky wine bars instead. We recommend Graft Wine Bar (they also have a wine shop too), Stems and Skins and Josephine Wine Bar

Want to just sip some vino in your hotel room? The Charleston Winery in Downtown has a large variety of wines, glasses and accessories. This spot is great for gifts and souvenirs, too. 


Watch the Sunset

Charleston is surrounded by water, offering the Holy City one of the best sunset views in the country. We know a good thing when we’ve got it, so we have plenty of ways to enjoy the sun going down over the city.

Rooftop bars and restaurants are plentiful in Charleston. Enjoy a glass of wine or beer with a snack while the sky turns to gold. Charleston beaches offer a quieter spot to enjoy the sunset. Most of our beaches are open year-round. 


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