Charleston’s Alleys & Hidden Passages

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An Exclusive Small Group Walking Tour Offered by Our Sister Company, Lowcountry Walking Tours

philadelphia_alley_charleston_scRecommended on Travel & Leisure, this small group tour (maximum of 10 guests) takes you off the beaten path and explores some of Charleston’s most enchanting alleys and hidden passages.

“Charleston alleys, for narrowness and length, will bear comparison with any in the country, and in quaintness will yield probably only to Boston or Annapolis.”  This statement, written by the New York Times in 1894 still holds true today.

Distinguished by their beauty, Charleston’s alleys occupy spaces that blur the line between public and private areas and offer remarkable insight into the history of the Holy City.  These quaint passageways are frequently inaccessible by automobiles and are often overlooked, even by frequent visitors and residents who are more focused on the City’s grand homes and famous landmarks.  However, walking along these picturesque cobblestone, brick and stone pathways offers an opportunity to step back in time and appreciate more fully Charleston’s charms on an intimate and inviting scale.

It has been said of Charleston that it is the only place in the world where one may live on an alley and be respected.  We invite you to come explore some of these alleys, and other landmarks along the way, on your next trip to Charleston. With only a maximum of 10 people allowed per tour you are guaranteed a more intimate and up-close experience. 


Daily at 2pm.


122 East Bay Street, on the North side of the Exchange and Provost Dungeon, where there is a shade tree and a bench.



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