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Where to Find the Best Souvenirs in Charleston


Charleston is so full of sites and attractions that it’s easy to forget to bring a piece of the Holy City back home with you. Before you eat another piece of pecan pie or walk down another cobblestoned street, head to one of these spots to pick up something for your family and friends back home. The best souvenirs in Charleston are easily found in most tourist attractions, but we also recommend heading to some of these off-the-beaten-path spots, too.


Tips for Finding the Best Souvenirs in Charleston

Check Out Local Markets

If you want to find the best souvenirs in Charleston, you can’t miss a trip to the local markets, like the Historic Charleston City Market (which we’ll talk about later in this article).

These markets feature some of the best local craftworkers and some of the most iconic items to purchase in the Holy City.

Get Off the Beaten Path

Yes, you should definitely visit the King Street shops. These stores offer some of the most iconic souvenirs in Charleston!

But if you want to find those one-of-a-kind souvenirs, you should also get off the beaten path and visit neighborhoods like Mt. Pleasant.

Hire a Tour Guide

If you really want to find all the best souvenirs in Charleston, you could always book a private tour. Our knowledgeable tour guides can show you all the best neighborhoods and stores to find the souvenirs your friends and family will love.

Charleston Souvenir Shopping Districts

Charlestonians love shopping just as much as the tourists do. Head to any of these shopping districts within the city limits, and you won’t be disappointed.


King Street

King Street boasts dozens of shops within its historic buildings. You’re just as likely to find a chain store here as you would a local boutique. This lovely little area is full of stories and history, so we recommend a stroll down the street — regardless as to whether you’re heading here to shop or simply take in the sights.


Mt. Pleasant

A little off the beaten path from Downtown Charleston, Mt. Pleasant has just as many stores as King Street, though it’s slightly less touristy. This little haven is easily accessible by car or bike. You might want to take a rideshare here if you’re not planning on renting wheels while you’re in the city.


Historic Charleston City Market

Charleston’s historic market is one of the best spots for souvenirs. It’s conveniently located near all the tourist attractions and is within walking distance from the city center. This market has been running since 1841 — though vendors rented stalls at another nearby market as early as 1807.


Just some of the iconic Lowcountry goods you can find here include:


  • Sweetgrass baskets
  • Books
  • Collectibles
  • Pottery
  • Food and drink
  • Pet accessories
  • Art
  • Toys
  • Woodworking

Many of our public tours start or end near the Charleston City Market, so it’s easy to make a stop here if you’re planning on taking a tour and want to find some souvenirs to take home.

Charleston Plantations

Charleston’s many plantations educate visitors on plantation life in the 18th and 19th Centuries. After spending the day learning about the plantation’s history and enjoying some refreshments in the cafe, you can head over to the gift shop for a few souvenirs. Just some of each plantation’s offerings include:


  • Textiles
  • Pottery and dishes
  • T-shirts
  • Paintings
  • Books


Charleston Iconic Food and Drink Gifts

After tasting some of Charleston’s iconic foods, you’ll want to share them with your friends and family back home. Luckily, many of the Holy City’s restaurants ship their most iconic dishes all over the U.S. Or, you can always find a few things to bring home in your suitcase.

If you want to learn more about the history of these foods, you could always book a tour with one of our partners. We offer combo discounts if you book a tour with us and with one of our partners, such as Charleston Culinary Tours.



Charleston has many distilleries. Luckily, you don’t even need to leave Downtown to try some of our most popular gins, bourbons and whiskeys. High Wire Distilling, located right on King Street in Downtown, is known for its small-batch bourbon.


Head outside of Downtown, and you’ll find Striped Pig Distillery, known for its spiced rum. Or, Head to Firefly Distillery for sweet tea vodka.


The best part is that many of our distilleries offer tours, which means you can try the spirits before buying them.


Frogmore Stew Kit

Frogmore stew is one of the most iconic Charleston dishes around. The best part is that most people outside of the Lowcountry haven’t heard of it, so it makes a pretty big impression! It’s simply a seafood boil, so it’s relatively easy to make.


All you need (other than seafood, potatoes, and corn) is a can of beer and Old Bay Seasoning. Pop a local Charleston beer and Old Bay in a sweetgrass basket with a Frogmore recipe, and you’ll be the talk of your family’s next backyard seafood fest.


Oyster Shuckers

We’re just as known for our oysters as we are for other types of seafood in Charleston. Oyster shuckers are a staple in local households and restaurants. They’re an easy, inexpensive gift. Just don’t forget to check them in your luggage before going through security!


Sweet Tea

Yes, the South is known for sweet tea, and you can find it pretty much anywhere here. From the historic market to the Charleston Tea Plantation, you’ll be hard-pressed to avoid sweet tea in South Carolina! Most souvenir shops even sell recipes for sweet tea if you simply want to make your own at home. All it takes is regular black tea, sugar, and lemons.


Boiled Peanuts

Boiled peanuts are easy to find in Charleston, and they’re just as easy to transport! You’ll find them in most souvenir shops, and some restaurants even sell them. If you head to the farmers market in Marion Square, held every Saturday, you’ll find a local vendor (the famous Mike’s Peanuts) selling them.



Downtown Charleston Souvenir Shops

If you want to find something special to remember your vacation, you don’t even need to leave Downtown. Instead, we recommend finding the perfect memento at one of these Downtown shops.


Historic Charleston Foundation

We recommend heading to the Historic Charleston Foundation — even if you’re not looking for souvenirs. They run most of the house museums in the city and lead tours almost every day. Of course, they also sell books, knickknacks, and art in the gift shop as well.

Both our Charleston History Tour and our Alleys and Hidden Passages Tour pass by the Historic Charleston Foundation or pass nearby. It’s easy to make a visit to the foundation after each of these tours.

Charleston Postcard Co.

The postcards at this James Island store blow pretty much all other postcards out of the water. If you want something retro or hard-to-find, this is the place to head. It’s also the perfect store for postcard enthusiasts or collectors.


The Boutique Charleston

This gift shop specializes in home goods, such as fine china, vases, and crystal. They also sell locally made jewelry and handbags. We love these types of souvenirs because they’re the type of item most people would never guess is a souvenir! You’ll be able to remember your trip each time you get a fresh bouquet of flowers.


Key West Hat Co.

Charlestonians are known for being some pretty sharp dressers. If you want to fit in, stop by the Key West Hat Co. for a specialty hat. This is another great spot for finding souvenirs that don’t fall under the, “My mom went to Charleston and all I got was this t-shirt,” category.

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