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Charleston Team Building Activities


Charleston is the ideal city for team building activities. This city’s stunning views, cultural diversity and rich history make for the perfect backdrop to learn about your co-workers. Participate in a scavenger hunt in the Historic Market, bust your way out of an escape room or tour one of the city’s museums. These 10 Charleston team building activities will illuminate your team’s strengths.


Charleston Team Building Activities Guide

Before deciding on a team building activity, take a moment to determine your needs. Are you trying to help your team bond? Do you need to work on your analytical skills? Are you trying to nurture your team’s creativity? All the team building activities on this list will help you get to know your co-workers better, but some are better for creativity while others are better at fostering analytic skills.


Cultural Tour

Discover the hidden history behind Charleston’s famous structures and streets on a cultural walking tour. We offer a Charleston History tour and an Alleys and Hidden Passages tour. Or, we can create a theme tour to cater to your team’s interests.


Whether you’re new to Charleston or a life-long resident, you’ll learn something new about the city after going on one of our tours.


Cooking Class

You can’t cook a three-course tasting menu without getting a little closer to your cooking companions. Foodies Who Cook helps students create dishes they thought would be too challenging or tricky to make themselves. All you need to do is provide the kitchen and chat with your teacher to come up with your menu. Your teacher will send you a list of ingredients and send your employees to complete the shopping together before gathering back at the house to execute your menu.


Museum Tour

Did you know that many of Charleston’s museums offer tours? Book a private group tour with The Charleston Museum, Aiken-Rhett House or the Nathaniel Russell House Museum.


Your team will learn all about the history of the Holy City while getting to know each other better. Who knows? You might even find out who the history buffs on your team are.


Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks are the perfect places to get moving — without overexerting yourself. Sky Zone Trampoline Park offers nine different trampoline jumps to keep your team engaged.


Attractions include the SkySlam, ultimate dodgeball, parkour blox and the FreeClimb.


You can even bring your own food and party out in one of their event spaces after you jump.


Trampoline parks can help your team work together, increase creativity and improve cognitive abilities.


Escape Room

Escape rooms are possibly one of the most creative ways to get your team to work together. You and office pals will be locked in a room and need to solve a series of riddles before the doors unlock again.


Your team will discover their co-workers’ previously unknown talents while solving these challenges. Discover who’s creative, resourceful and a team player. Choose one one-hour escape room challenge or a series of several escape rooms for maximum bonding.


Themes at Breakout Charleston include ‘escape from death row,’ ‘serial killer’ and ‘bank heist.’ Whichever theme you choose, you’d better work fast; you only have 60 minutes to find your way out.


Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts make great team building activities because they force you to find creative ways to solve challenges. The best part is that you get to solve said challenges while running through the streets of Charleston.


Urban Adventure Quest has you solve 17 challenges at 11 different Charleston attractions, including the Four Corners of Law, Washington Square, Charleston City Market, Marion Square and Rainbow Row.


If your team isn’t local to Charleston, they’ll know Downtown like the inside of their cubicle by the end of the challenge. If you are local, you’ll discover facts about Charleston’s history you never knew.


Ping Pong and Craft Beer

Sometimes team building activities need to be more fun than challenging. Ping pong is a great way to bond while cutting loose. Add beer to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a party.


HoM Charleston serves up beef, chicken and veggie burgers and craft beer to wash it all down.


Before or after lunch, head back to the ping pong room for a rousing game. Challenge your teamwork skills while coming up with creative strategies to beat your opponents.


Team Bonding Charleston

If you can’t decide on which Charleston team building activity to choose, check out Team Bonding Charleston. They have 30 different team building activities. Choose from themes like dining in the dark, day at the museum, survivor, game show or build a boat.


You can even schedule a humanitarian team building activity, such as working at a soup kitchen or cleaning up the city. Just choose the event that speaks to your team and let the good feels start flowing.


Wild Blue Ropes

Want to hand your team over to the experts? Wild Blue knows what they’re doing when it comes to team building. They have outdoor obstacle courses that will help empower your team to work together to help each other. They’ve created ice breakers aren’t as awful at all — and won’t transport you back to those awkward first days at camp. All their challenges have also been heavily researched beforehand to ensure they’ll have the maximum effect.


Beach Day

If none of the above ideas float your boat, why not take your team on a beach day? You can choose the amount of activity and participation. Just want to reward your team for their hard work? Make it a relaxing beach day. Want to get people moving and working together? Rent a volleyball court or create a few challenges for your team to solve.




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