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Charleston Weddings: Bridal Party Activities


We have to admit that we love a good wedding here in Charleston. And we happen to know how to throw a great party, too.

If you’re planning a Charleston wedding with bridal party activities, we’ve got a few ideas on how to make your special week even more memorable. 


Charleston Wedding Bridal Party Tips

Planning a Charleston wedding bridal party? We’ve got a few tips that should help you make your special week an unforgettable event. 


Check the Weather

Charleston is known for its temperate weather. We don’t experience harsh winters, and we enjoy some pretty mild temperatures in the spring and fall.

Yet, the weather here (like in many parts of the U.S.) can be quite fickle, too. We’ve been known to get hit with a rainstorm (or even hurricanes in the fall). Before planning your bridal party activities (or your Charleston wedding), we recommend checking out what to expect in the Holy City in every season.

Our What to Pack Before Visiting Charleston guide will help you decide which month to visit (and how to plan for any unexpected weather during your trip). 


Plan Ahead

Here in the South, we tend to go with the flow. We love visitors and are famously accommodating. But there’s only so much we can do to ensure we’re accommodating to every guest that enters our fair city.

Charleston is a pretty popular city in the spring and fall. And though we experience hotter temperatures in the summer, June, July, and August are also pretty popular months to visit.

We recommend making reservations whenever possible — especially if your bridal party is large. This goes for tours, boat rides, restaurants, and more. 


Expect the Unexpected

We get it: you want your bridal week to be the most exciting, fun-packed week of your life. But the magical thing about the Holy City is that this is a place where you can (and should) expect the unexpected.

We can’t tell you how many times travelers walking to their dinner reservation suddenly turn on a side street — only to find the most enchanting garden courtyard. Or, stumble across our famous pineapple fountain. 

Don’t over-plan your bridal party week. Allow yourself some time to soak it all in and enjoy the romance of Charleston.


Charleston Weddings: Bridal Party Activities

Charleston feels like it was practically made for weddings and bridal party activities. Not only are we one of the most romantic cities in the U.S., but we’re known for being home to some of the prettiest streets, gorgeous water views, and stunning sunsets, too.


Guided Tours

a group of people walking down the street in front of a building

Sure, you could meander through the city on your own — but then you might miss out on some of Charleston’s prettiest streets!

A guided tour of Charleston will give you the lay of the land while entertaining and informing your group. You’ll see some sights you might otherwise miss, and you’ll learn a little about the history of the Holy City.

Walks of Charleston offers two public tours, our History Tour and Passages and Alleyways. But if you’re booking for a larger group, we can also coordinate a private tour for you, too. Just some of the private tours we offer include day trips to Savannah, plantation tours, and more. 


Horse and Carriage Rides

a man riding a horse drawn carriage on a city street

What’s more romantic than a horse and carriage ride? We get it, you’re probably not thinking too much about romance for your bridal party (after all, the romance is supposed to be for you and your significant other, right?). 

But horse and carriage rides will help you see the city (as well as some of its main sights) — and it will help you do so in style.

And because this week is supposed to be about you and your partner spending time with friends and family, why not book a horse and carriage ride for a small group? Our partner, the Carolina Carriage and Polo Co., has a fleet of carriages that can accommodate groups of up to 16 passengers at a time. 


Boat Rides

We recommend spending plenty of time out on the water while you’re here in Charleston. It’s one of the best ways to see the city. 

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to charter a boat and sail into the sunset in Charleston. If your bridal party is all about the fun, we recommend booking a brews cruise. If you’re the type of group that’s more into elegant romance, we recommend booking a sunset sail.


Brews Cruise

There’s a good chance if you’re here with your bridal party, you’re here to have fun. 

Our partner Charleston Brews Cruise won’t get you out on the water, but you will cruise past a few of Charleston’s most popular breweries on an unforgettable tour.

Or, head out on the water (if you don’t mind a little bit of exercise) for a Saltwater Cycle tour. This tour allows you to power a boat using only your feet (and a little liquid courage). 


Sunset Sail

If your wedding party is more into sophisticated fun than beer and paddle boats, we recommend checking out Schooner Pride.

Sail under the Ravenel Bridge and check out the sights of the city — afternoon, evening, or night. Schooner Pride offers three tours (day, sunset, and night) and is one of the top-rated boat tours in Charleston.

The daytime tour focuses more on the local sea life (including dolphin watching!) while the sunset and nighttime tours are all about the ambiance. 


Charleston Food

At some point, you’ll inevitably get hungry. And when that happens, Charleston has got you covered. 

We’ve got plenty of good eats — some of which you can only find here in the Holy City! While your bridal party is in town, you’ve just got to try some of our iconic foods.

Don’t miss the city’s famous shrimp and grits, the Historic Charleston City Market, and some of our popular rooftop bars. Can’t decide on where to eat? Book a Charleston food tour to familiarize yourself with lowcountry food. 

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